Sika Waste Water Treatment Plant Solutions

The Valley of Mexico, a highlands plateau in central Mexico, has one of the country’s lowest wastewater treatment indices (6%). This produces pollution and a serious water imbalance in the basin.

The Atotonilco project provides treated water for irrigation of around 80,000ha in the Tula Valley of Hidalgo. It will improve living conditions of approximately 300,000 inhabitants in the region, who do not have access to treated water. The project is supposed to improve the environmental conditions and raise the overall water treatment rate of the country from 36% to 60%. The new plant is the largest wastewater treatment project in Mexico and one of largest of its kind in the world.



  • To treat more than 60% of the wastewater produced in the Valley of Mexico.
  • To irrigate with treated wastewater more than 80 thousand hectares in the Tula Valley, thus enhancing the region’s agricultural potential.
  • To restore the good conditions of the surface water bodies and streams that receive wastewater.
  • To improve the sanitation conditions of over 300 000 people who live in irrigation zones.

Sika Protection Solutions to Reduce Waste!

Sika contributes modestly to save water in the planet by providing long lasting construction and refurbishment solutions to prolong longevity of waste water treatment plants.

In a remedial work, significant amount of waste are generated: polluted concrete, chemical residue of old coatings, pails and bags. These wastes need to be disposed off in specific areas and contributes to CO² emission.

Sika provides long lasting repair and protection systems that help to extend the interval between maintenance and remedial work. Thanks to this, the quantity of waste is significantly reduced.

Joint Treatment for Tanks

Sika solutions in the Atotonilco project:

  • Sikaflex®-1ª
  • Sikaflex® Pro 3 WF
  • Sika® Rod 3/8”
  • Sika Rod 5/8”
  • Sika Rod 1”

An investment into a sustainable future

Overall savings for the plant owner with positive incidence on sustainability: Sika Technologies and solutions have a beneficial impact:

  • by reducing the frequency of refurbishment cycles
  • by improving the resource efficiency and the environmental performance of the refurbishment process
  • by providing a more sustainable solution