Multi-material design and modular construction impose enhanced bonding requirements – as seen in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Sikaflex® assembly and structural adhesives are used to join together steel, aluminum, glass and plastics. SikaReinforcer® thermoplastic components improve vehicle stiffness and acoustics, while SikaPower® increases crash resistance. This is why Mercedes-Benz also chose Sika adhesive solutions for the S-Class.

A Strong Bond: Sikaflex®

The style, comfort and feel as well as the objective level of safety offered by cars are largely dictated by things that are permanently concealed. One example
is the connection of vehicle modules by adhesive bonding, rather than welding, riveting or bolting. The custom-designed Sikaflex® adhesive solutions fulfil a variety of functions in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. High-modulus, one-component adhesives are used for windshield bonding, ultra-high-modulus products join the aluminum roof module to the steel car body, and ultra-low-modulus Sikaflex® adhesives allow the invisible bonding and damping of the roof lining. Each adhesive type makes its own contribution to maximizing safety, driving comfort and esthetic appeal.

Increased Crash Resistance through SikaPower®

SikaPower® structural adhesives are used to bond the body shell and enhance crash resistance. The structure is further strengthened through the incorporation of 16 SikaReinforcer® lightweight, thermoplastic components. By increasing vehicle stiffness, these help to improve handling while optimizing acoustic performance. The adhesive technologies developed by Sika for the automotive manufacturing industry not only join and reinforce materials and components: they also make vehicles lighter, safer and more comfortable. They create new scope for innovative technical and esthetic design and, not least, help to cut fuel consumption and emissions. Sika adhesives are revolutionizing manufacturing technology.