With Sikalastic®-641, 2014 saw the launch of a promising new addition to Sika’s
liquid membrane range. The new roof membrane was developed by Sika UK with the aim of minimizing odor emissions during application. The innovative solution is based on the i-Cure® technology pioneered for the sealing & bonding segment. Tests with Sikalastic®-641 have shown that olfactory perception is up to 97% lower than for standard products.

Benchmark for Liquid Roof Membranes

Sikalastic®-641 combines the merits of one-component systems with the very latest solvent reduction technology. The virtually odorless product offers rapid, straightforward and reliable application as well as consistent quality in varying weather conditions. The integration of i-Cure® technology in the liquid membrane product serves to protect staff, building and atmosphere through the minimization of odor emissions. Sikalastic®-641 is normally applied by roller and can be reinforced by nonwovens or – as a widely preferred alternative – fiberglass mats.

Global Launch in 2015

Due to its extremely low odor emissions, Sikalastic®-641 offers the ideal solution for roof membranes in sensitive environments, such as schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, and pharmaceutical or food-industry facilities. Following the successful launch of the new liquid membrane on the British market under the name "Decothane Ultra" in June 2014 and its immense popularity among customers, it will be marketed worldwide as Sikalastic®-641 from 2015 onwards.

Liquid Membrane for New-Build and Refurbishment Projects

Sikalastic®-641 is recommended for all applications where sustainable, low-emission solutions are desired or specified. There is likely to be considerable market potential for the Sika system in megacities. Reliable, odorless roof membrane solutions are particularly important in densely populated urban centers with high levels of new-build and refurbishment activity.

Sikalastic® Evercoat Zero-1
Sikalastic® Evercoat Zero-1

Roofing Solution a Major Success in Japan
The combination of a development boom and a skilled labor shortage has caused acute bottlenecks in Japan’s construction sector. The timely recognition of this problem by Sika’s local experts led them to launch Sikalastic® Evercoat Zero-1. This virtually VOC-free, one-component liquid membrane is much faster and easier to apply than standard two-component systems. It is also able to meet the increasingly stringent sustainability requirements.

Global Innovation, Adapted to the Local Market
Sika collaborated with technical institutes, trained the applicators, provided intensive job-site support, and invested in local production. The efforts paid off - the fast reaction of Sika in Japan led to a major market success. Thanks to Sikalastic® Evercoat Zero-1, Japan’s roofs are not only watertight, but also