After 30 years of service, Canada’s most famous roof required full-scale refurbishment. Since the original covering had performed so well, the project team again opted for a Sika Sarnafil® roofing system.

A New Roof to Shield 19,000 Fans

The Scotiabank Saddledome Arena is home to the Calgary Flames, one of the top teams in the NHL (North America’s National Hockey League). The Sarnafil® membrane of the idiosyncratically curved roof, with a surface area of nearly 16,500 m², had withstood 30 years of Calgary weather, which is notorious for its hailstorms, along with regular batterings from Calgary Stampede fireworks. By 2012, however, the time had arrived for a complete refurbishment. The fact that the client again opted for Sika Sarnafil® products underscored the value of enduring trust and partnerships.

16,500m² Sika Sarnafil® for stadium roof refurbishment

The original Sarnafil® covering was removed and replaced by the latest Sika roofing system, which was customized to the particular requirements. Key features include the white Sika Sarnafil® G 410 80-mil feltback membrane, additional gypsum board reinforcement and a layer of Sarnatherm 25 psi insulation. Refurbishment of the gigantic roof, completed by Parker Johnston Industries Ltd in July 2014 within an extremely tight window of just under one year, was an outstanding logistical and engineering achievement. The Saddledome Arena is now ready to host the events of the coming decades – a shining example of the longevity of Sika’s roofing systems.