A day instead of a week: the Sika One Shot system heralds a new era in parking deck coatings. A job that takes one week using traditional methods can now be completed within a single day. The benefits include drastic reductions in downtimes and associated costs, and lower labor expenditure.

A New Parking Deck Surface in Just Four Steps

The substrate is first treated with Sika Primer. A Sikalastic®-8800 waterproof membrane is then applied, followed – as the third step – by the technical tour de force: the Sika One Shot system. The aggregate – quartz sand, Alox, corundum or whatever can be locally sourced – that is needed to meet the relevant loads is sprayed on with Sikalastic®-8800 at high pressure in a single operation without excess and is immediately bonded to the surface. The parking deck is finally sealed with Sikafloor® for indoor or outdoor spaces, with or without UV protection. Subject to proper preparation, 1,000 m² per day can be recoated with a far lower labor requirement than standard methods.

Major Market Potential for Car Park Refurbishments

The Sika One Shot system with Sikalastic®-8800 and Sikafloor®-359 not only makes it possible to apply coatings rapidly, it is also exceptionally durable and resistant to chemical influences, oils, deicing salts and mechanical loads typically encountered in heavily used car park buildings. The simple installation procedure and immense time savings mean that the Sika One Shot system has huge market potential for the refurbishment of both large and small car park buildings.