The task: joint sealing for unitized construction. The challenge: straightforward
application plus excellent workability and performance at temperatures of up to 50°C in the shade. The solution: Sikaflex® Construction+.

Spectacular Infrastructure Project in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

In response to the increasingly tight housing market in the United Arab Emirates, the state-owned Abu Dhabi General Services Company Musanada is planning a string of citizen housing programs. With a total volume of some 16,000 houses, the Musanada Villa scheme in Al Ain ranks among the country’s biggest and most important infrastructure programs. The development is effectively a new town, including full-scale transport and social infrastructure, with everything from administrative centers and leisure districts to mosques, schools and hospitals.

On-Site Technical Counseling and Training

Given the extreme conditions (summer temperatures of up to 50°C), project size, short construction windows and high technical, regulatory and qualitative demands placed on modern unitized construction, the client and main contractor, Trojan Contracting, needed a strong partner to meet its sealing and bonding requirements. The choice fell on Sika because it was able to offer both the ideal product – Sikaflex® Construction+ – and the necessary technical advice and training as well as timely delivery. Sika provided the complete support to all of the five precast subcontractors, trained their staff in the use of the product and oversaw its on-site application.

Eco-Efficient Construction Sealant: Sikaflex® Construction+

Sikaflex® Construction+ is an elastic, one-component sealant, employing the company’s innovative i-Cure® technology. This technology has spawned a new generation of adhesives and sealants with vastly superior workability, improved adhesion and longer shelf lives. Thanks to its extra-low-emission properties, it also offers an eco-friendly solution.