The result of a century’s experience in tunneling combined with an idea borrowed from shipbuilding, Sikaproof®A membranes allow the use of below-ground building spaces for higher-grade accommodation. This is due to the reliable waterproof and damp-proof barrier provided by the membranes for facilities such as museum archives and collections, hospital laboratories, and retail spaces or storerooms. Sikaproof®A has added a new dimension to space planning for new-build projects in urban centers.

Waterproofing, Damp-Proofing, Concrete Protection

Sikaproof®A is used on new-build projects and installed prior to concrete placement. it is a waterproof sheet membrane with a sealant grid (Sika grid Seal) to prevent lateral water underflow and a nonwoven fleece to achieve a full-surface mechanical bond with the concrete. The grid acts like the bulkheads in a ship’s hull: sealant is factory-applied to the sheet in a honeycomb pattern to create watertight mini-compartments with a diameter of one centimeter. These prevent the migration of water between the membrane and the concrete to ensure long-lasting, secure waterproofing.

Innovation Brimming with Potential: For Owners, Desingers and Applicators

Sikaproof®A is a reliable, durable and cost-effective option that enables owners and developers to make better use of expensive land. It offers designers a complete range of products and detail solutions for watertight structures. The user-friendly concept ensures fast and secure application without special tools. Sikaproof®A with the Sika Grid Seal to prevent lateral water underflow has set new benchmarks in below-ground waterproofing.