Urbanization, densification, inner-city high-rise development: these are some of
the issues arising from continuous population growth. Construction projects in
large urban centers require innovative products.

Sika® ViscoFlow® For Controllable Concrete Workability Times

Construction projects in urban environments are posing ever greater logistical challenges. On-site concrete production is often impossible due to the lack of space. Long transport distances from peripheral locations and unpredictable traffic conditions with hour-long delays are placing new demands on ready-mix concrete. As part of Sika’s basic research activities, its chemists developed new substances that permit the time-dependent control of concrete consistency. The new technology is embodied in the admixture Sika® viscoflow®, which offers two crucial advantages.

Long Transportability Coupled with Short Setting Times

Sika® ViscoFlow® allows the flowability of ready-mix concrete to be “programmed” for a period between two and eight or more hours, depending on situation and requirements, without any impairment of early strength development. This ability of the admixture to reconcile these two previously conflicting requirements is the essence of the innovation. Moreover, Sika® ViscoFlow® works equally well in hot and cold temperatures, and with both high and low water/cement ratios.

High-Performance, Sustainable Solution

Sika® ViscoFlow® also improves the carbon footprint of buildings. It allows part of the cement needed for concrete production to be replaced by locally sourced alternatives, such as limestone powder or fly ash. At the same time, the admixture is formulated such that the produced concrete still exhibits high plasticity and easy workability. Sika® ViscoFlow® enables flexible workability times coupled with optimal early strength development and a positive impact on the carbon footprint.