Whether political, industrial, natural or media-driven, we know and experience a lot of different kinds of power in our lives. In physics, power is the rate of doing work. In an industrial organization, market power is a firm’s ability to profitably raise the market price of a good or service over marginal cost. Power in international relations is defined in several different ways. Modern discourse generally speaks in terms of state power, although there is no commonly accepted standard for what defines a powerful state. Other powerful entities may include multilateral international bodies, multinational corporations or non-governmental organizations. In the final analysis, it is personally on us what we perceive as powerful and how much significance we ascribe to it. The current edition of ambitions addresses various aspects of construction which are truly about power. While today’s tunnel boring machines (TBM) may seem slow with advance speeds of 40 – 60mm/min, they evidently have the power to drill their way through solid rock. Given that excavation goes on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of weather or ground conditions, TBMs far outperform alternative excavation technologies. Tunnels several kilometers long can be easily bored within a matter of months.
TBMs are even becoming more powerful thanks to Sika tail sealants, which are injected between the back of the shield of the TBM and the lining segments to prevent water, soil and the backfilling grout from entering the TBM. One of the world’s most popular monuments, the Rialto Bridge in Venice also requires a strong structure. But the millions of tourists walking across it over countless decades have diminished its structural power. Sika provided solutions  such as the FRP structural strengthening system SikaWrap® to reinforce the stone cantilevers and to increase the safety of the balustrade,
blocking further rotations.
Another question is how to preserve the architectural power of a building damaged by graffiti? The facades of the award-winning Philharmonic Hall in Polish Szczecin, reminiscent of an iceberg, are made of whitelacquered sheet metal. Sikagard R-778  protects the graffiti-proof substrate from spray paints, waterresistant markers, ink, contaminated air, acid rain and moisture for at least 7 ears. This is real power against vandalism. Committed to giving more power to the community, Smiling Gecko in Cambodia is dedicated to helping people either in the form of direct aid or by supporting other NGOs. Focusing
on areas of the greatest need, with the help of Sika Smiling Gecko enables families and children to help themselves through sustainable cluster projects.
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