The musicbox

In Pinhal Novo, Portugal, a town in the Setúbal district, the Portuguese  architect Miguel Marcelino has related container to content by designing a closed, opaque box-like structure to house a private collection of mechanical music boxes. The main façade has a concavity recalling the contours of  gramophones. This marks the entrance to the building, beckoning people into the museum. With 1,020 m2 of floorspace and clad on the outside with sand, the building has five exhibition halls containing more than 600 musical objects from the period between the end of the 19th century and the 1930s, brought together by the collector Luis Canqueiro. Organized around a central patio, the museum also features an archive room and an auditorium seating seventy.


Exploring diagonal perspectives

Though from the outside the box looks very elementary, this belies its interior: exploring long diagonal perspectives that open up as spaces are crossed; we see glimpses of galleries in a game of spatial seduction that maintains our curiosity from the beginning to the end of the visit. On one side of the building is an atrium which also functions as a vertical space with varying dimensions. The transition between each of these four spaces is achieved through four antechambers.


Five exhibition galleries
This unique museum is wholly dedicated to the study, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of a collection that is particularly representative of mechanical music. It has five exhibition galleries featuring mechanical instruments arranged around a central area, plus a documentary room and a multipurpose room used among other things for temporary exhibitions.

Sika® ComfortFloor® combines aesthetical and acoustic advantages
A special piece of architecture needs special building materials. In particular, there were specific requirements for the floor. Sika® ComfortFloor® was ultimately chosen, as this flooring combines aesthetics with very good acoustic qualities and durability. Furthermore, sika Portugal provided technical support from specification through to implementation and installation by an Approved Applicator. 


A continuous solid floor

José Mestre, Indopave Applicator, stated that "Sika® ComfortFloor® coating, SikaFloor®-330 and SikaFloor®-305 W was chosen because the space requires a continuous solid floor that is quiet, easy to clean and aesthetic".

Sika® ComfortFloor® solutions are also suitable for continuous flooring with matt and colored finish that can be applied over a wide range of thicknesses, including prefabricated  rubber shockpad for acoustic excellence.


Exterior vs. interior architecture

Architect Miguel Marcelino considers that the end result is a structure which seems deceptively elemental from the outside but whose interior conveys quite a different impression, leading visitors on from one display area to the next. So we should give in to our curiosity and make a stop in Portugal to visit this stunning work of architecture – and be enchanted by the world of mechanical music.