ambitions 15

  • Singapore


    Singapore is a city-state, which was founded in 1965. About 700 km2 in size and with a population of 5.5 million people, it has seen an enormous transformation from a fishing village to one of the most prosperous nations on earth.

  • A water park like Roman baths

    A water park like Roman baths

    Czech Republic is not just a great place for strolls in nature and getting to know Moravian wines! A huge water park with swimming pools with geothermal water at temperatures up to 46˚C includes the widest range of water slides and extreme water games.

  • Green roof of the year

    Green roof of the year

    In 2005 the green roof done by Sika Sarnafil at the European Investment Bank, Luxemburg, was selected by The Professional Green Roof Association of Germany (FBB) as the "Green Roof of the Year". Today, 8 years after the installation, the green roof of this building is still perfectly waterproofed.

  • Retracing the history

    Retracing the history

    The Lincoln Memorial is an American national monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It is located on the National Mall in Washington D.C. across from the Washington Monument. Now it was time for refurbishment.

  • Right chemicals

    Right chemicals

    The Republic of Seychelles is a 115-island country spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, some 1,500 km east of mainland Southeast Africa. The Savoy Resort & Spa was an upmarket project including an eco-friendly roofing solution with green roofs on more than 5,000m2 of the residential areas.