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  • Football fever

    Football fever

    The Wroclaw Municipal Stadium is the third largest in Poland. The stadium is architecturally structured in the style of a lantern and the distinctive shape is highlighted by the innovative design of its roof and external walls. The 6-storey stadium has a capacity of 42,771 spectators and includes extensive VIP and business facilities, with numerous restaurants, bars and retail areas.

    All types of sports and events are now held in the Municipal Stadium, the biggest so far being the staging of several European Football Championship games in 2012.

  • Emporia shopping center

    Emporia shopping center

    A gigantic golden chasm welcomes visitors to one of the biggest shopping centers in Scandinavia The design of it is glass based.

    Sika’s came up with a new way to bond the glass to the frame which halved the production time, suggesting a customized application process which comprises applying the structural joint and weather sealant in one step using Sikasil®.

  • Architectural concrete

    Architectural concrete

    Australia`s renowned Macquarie University draws its new library building as a 21st century learning environment, sustainability was at the forefront of the design brief.

    Sika Architectural Concrete was utilized to achieve the balance of color required to create a bold and comforting area for visitors to the University.