What we understand about movement is simply the act, process or result of moving. There are also particular ways or styles of moving. All of us are moving at some time - to a new house or just dancing. Any action or activity performed by a person can be called a movement.

To construct is also to move. Aside from the physical sense of moving thousands of tons of stones, rocks and soil, construction also implies moving forward and producing something better, more appealing, more practical than before. Or even producing something where there was nothing at all before.

Furthermore, construction can move in sync with nature in order to protect it better. In recognition of this, US-based Excellence in Design Award is given to projects built with systems providing outstanding economic and environmental value as well as meeting established design, installation and maintenance criteria for sustainable roof systems. A company can also move its story a long way forward.

The interview with Sika Hungary General Manager Johanna Kruchina shows how female power can move a business and its environment around in a non-typical way. Constructing a new major gathering point for a variety of activities is a routine move for any city. And the inhabitants of Swedish Malmö are doubtless grateful to have the breathtakingly designed Emporia  in their midst.

But people can also be moved emotionally. Sika provides support to enable sick children to experience dolphins in their natural environment, which has very positive consequences on their lives afterwards. They too were moved - by these intelligent mammals.