The World Cup 2014 may be over, but his art will survive up to three months on Copacabana beach. People who pass Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are always surprised by the sand sculptures made by artist Rogean Rodrigues. People’s first reaction is amazement at what the artist has created just using the raw material to hand – sand. Now aged 32, Rogean has been working with sand for 20 years.

Since 20 years he is building sculptures with sand

Rogean Rodrigues began his career at the age of 12 as an assistant to Colombian artist Alonso Gomez Díaz, who traveled the world making sand sculptures before settling in Brazil and creating his art on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Alonso was Rogean’s teacher and main supporter, and it was from him Rogean learned the art of sand sculpture. At the outset, he was inspired by Alonso’s work. Nowadays, his main themes are castles and events, especially international events such as the Pope’s visit to Brazil, World Youth Day and, more recently, the 2014 World Cup.

Football sculptures and the popular Maracaña stadium

The artist created several World Cup-related sculptures on different parts of the beach. One depicted World Cup mascot Fuleco, another the Cup itself. There were also players from different teams and the huge Maracanã stadium, which he built in a space set aside for crowds to watch the matches. The Maracanã will stay in place for a while longer so that people who were not in Brazil during the World Cup can take pictures. The sculptures take 5 to 15 days to create and last for up three months.

Rogean has already exhibited in several countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mauritius and the Maldives. His first trip abroad was an adventure, but he was made very welcome by everyone who saw the beauty of his work.

All kind of sand is useful

Rogean makes his sculptures from all kinds of sand: from beaches, river beds and mountains, and he also uses the washed sand sold in building supply stores. He never uses any other kind of raw material except water. However, he does use Sika®-2 for waterproofing and durability to ensure that his sculptures remain in perfect condition and are protected from wind and rain.

Sika®-2 helps for waterproofing and durability

Sika has been one of Rogean’s main partners since 2012. After extensive research, the artist found the right product for his needs: Sika®-2, the “magic liquid”, as he calls it, that enables him to make a piece of art that takes several days to create and that will then last several months despite wind and rain. The liquid additive with the really fast setting time is recommended for plugging infiltrations.

Rogean’s most remarkable piece of art was the model of the Maracanã stadium that he made in 2007, which was sponsored by SportTV on Panamericano. This sculpture, which was featured by several different media in Brazil and abroad, launched his international solo career.