ambitions 18

  • New Theatre for Pilsen

    New Theatre for Pilsen

    To achieve the desired color on the concrete required 35 kg per 1 m3 of pigment concrete mix, which was specially formulated for these specific solutions using the products Sika ColorFlo® (liquid pigments), Sika® ViscoCrete and microsilica SikaFume®.

  • 1200 m2 of flooring

    1200 m2 of flooring

    The project required a complete re-vamp of flooring within a shopping center. Given the flooring would be directly adjacent to premium and high-end shop fronts as a durable yet very aesthetically appealing solution.

  • Oman: Behind the scenes

    Oman: Behind the scenes

    We continue our journey to Muscat, where we meet Sika Country Manager Amin Halaseh. With an area of 309,500 km2, Oman is the second largest country in the Gulf after Saudi Arabia.

  • The Land of the Two Holy Mosques

    The Land of the Two Holy Mosques

    The next stop of our journey will be Saudi Arabia. As temperatures climb to 50 degrees in August, we move from one air-conditioned place to another; Saudi Arabia seems to be a mystical oven.

  • Ark of the World

    Ark of the World

    The “Ark of the World” takes care of children that have been experiencing abandonment, racism and social exclusion on a daily basis.

  • Europe`s largest bridge strengthening project

    Europe`s largest bridge strengthening project

    When the M3 Hawley Lane Bridge started to show signs of excessive deflection under heavy traffic, engineers at Enterprise Mouchel devised a solid repair solution.