The level of enjoyment we experience in eating our food has very real biochemical consequences that directly affect our metabolism. Can you eat yourself happy? If you turn to food when you're feeling glum, it's worth knowing which foods can really help to lift your spirits and which foods make you feel worse in the long run. To find this out just visit any delicatessen food store in the world.

All-in-one space

Delicatessen means originally "giving pleasure, delightful, pleasing". And this is exactly what this place does: As a shop for delicatessen, it offers its customers a space "all-in-one" converted into different gourmet universe. The shop had recently opened and had to be built in an existing building. The challenge was to put the dynamics of the 'new' concept of gourmet shopping inside.

Floors for restaurants and food stores

In the upcoming example you can see clearly that SikaFloor systems of Sika Belgium fit perfectly in Restaurant and Food Stores. Apart of their durability they are hygienic and comfortable to walk on.

In our example you see that at first soils were divided into three parts: the store, the restaurant and the counter area. Therefore different standards have been set according to the applications. The store and the restaurant had to be coated with a wear-resistant floor, easy to maintain, reducing noise and comfortable while presenting a modern look.
The floor of the counter area was, in turn, be strong, functional and easy to clean while non-skid. Finally, with SikaFloor® it is easy to create consistency between the different uses of spaces.

Complete flooring system of Sika ComfortFloor® and a non-slip finish

Parts store and restaurant: The new Sika ComfortFloor® offers a system solution which is able to meet all these essential properties. After sanding polish existing concrete, they proceeded to the installation of a Sikafloor®primer , the next day covered with a layer of Sikafloor®, a solvent free epoxy resin, above which was sunk highly elastic coating Sikafloor®, a layer of polyurethane resin with low VOC content.

Standardize the color

After complete hardening, all was coated with Sikafloor® topcoat, which colored aqueous phase to obtain a smooth, matte and wear resistant. Part counters: The powdered Sikafloor® self-leveling system comprising a layer of a wear resistant without dusted quartz sand solvent epoxy resin. When laying, the choice of the particle size of scattering provides a thin non-slip finish. By choosing coarse or fine grained quartz can be improved cleanability. The finish is complemented by roller coating with another layer of Sikafloor® to standardize the color.

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