Helping the weakest

Over 60,000 children in Romania grow up as orphans and depend on the support of the state. There are not enough places in orphanages and far too few resources for the children. In 2012 the average monthly amount for an orphan equaled EUR 80 (EUR 2.66 per day) for food, clothing, medicine, school, courses for education and comfort. The organization UPSV (“A Step to the Future”) supports social integration.

Social Integration Center helps disadvantaged children

Orphans cannot always attend school and often have difficulties to integrate into society, finding a job and building up a self-dependent life. Generally the social integration center UPSV helps children with difficult backgrounds. It helps disadvantaged children from orphanages and impoverished families develop the skills and behaviors they need to become happy and active members of society.

An orphan made his dream come true

Florin Catanescu, the founder of the organization, grew up as an orphan himself. His dream was to be able to help other orphans to have a better life. Therefore, he created the organization at the age of 25 in 2003. The UPSV provides orphans who are excluded from the system at age 18 accommodation for one year and helps them to integrate in society. They teach independent living skills such as cooking and managing finances, give legal advice and counseling, assist in writing CVs, train them for job interviews and help them in job applications.

Limited resources

The organization constantly tries to improve their facilities for the orphans. In 2006 they moved to a building in very poor condition and, despite of an insecure future due to only short term renting contract, with the financial help of sponsors the youth rehabilitated it themselves.

UPSV could now sign a 15 years contract for another building in Brasov. The building is in very poor condition but the organization sees a huge potential to turn it into a date facility center which is desperately needed in the city. With limited resources, the organization already managed to renovate two rooms, the kitchen and a meeting room - but a lot of work is still necessary.

Believing in strong visions

Sika Romania supports the refurbishment of a building. Sika believes in the vision to give underprivileged youths the best basis for a self-dependent life and integration into society. Dedicated to support sustainable projects Sika Romania was founded in 2002 with four employees. It has rapidly grown over the years and now counts 60 employees and generates a sales volume of CHF 25 million. Their administrative quarters are located in Brasov and they are very dedicated to support sustainable projects in their region.


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