Urban space in its best usage

Poznań is a city by the Warta River in west-central Poland. It has a population of some 550,000, while the continuous conurbation taking in Poznań County and several other communities is inhabited by almost 1.1 million people. The Larger Poznań Metropolitan Area (PMA) numbers 1.4 million inhabitants and extends to a satellite town, making it the fourth largest such population nucleus in Poland.

The city is among the oldest in Poland and was one of the most important centers in the early Polish state in the tenth and eleventh centuries. The oldest part of the city is Ostrów Tumski, the natural island on the Warta river - very much reminiscent of the Île de la Cité in Paris.

An eye catcher was arising

Over the period from 2007 until 2012, an astonishing eye catcher gradually arose within the city: the brand new integrated transportation center, a modern complex combining a new railway station (PKP), a new bus station (PKS), the 60,000 m² Poznań City Center retail mall, additional offices, hotel and leisure facilities, and a multi-story parking deck. The entire complex covers an area of approx. 148,000 m², or the equivalent of more than 15 soccer fields.

New railway station, bus station and shopping center

The new complex was built on the site of the old railway station and the surrounding area. Following the project launch in 2007, the first stage comprised modernization of the rails and platforms and construction of a new railway station building. It was completed in May 2012, in time for the 2012 UEFA European Championship. The integrated transport hub and Poznań City Center shopping plaza were opened in November 2013. The bus station was transferred to the new terminal, located below the shopping center. A major investment of this magnitude called for high-quality materials and tried and proven technologies.

What were the individual building stages?

First, Sika Poland delivered elastic fixing and damping solutions to modernize the rails and platforms (IcositR system). This system reduces noise and vibration, provides resistance to service loads and improves passenger comfort and safety. Modernization work included renovation of the platforms and the installation of pedestrian deck flooring above the tunnel, using the SikadurR CombiflexR SG System and SikaCorR Elastomastic TF.

The next step was the construction of the buildings for the new railway station and the Poznań City Center. Both complexes had to be built with precast concrete elements that satisfy defined standards of strength and exposure resistance. It was crucial to select the right Sika concrete admixtures. To achieve the required high early strength and ensure the concrete quality, superplasticizers combined with accelerators and stabilizers were used, allowing the precast concrete elements to be demolded after 10-18 hours.

Without voids, holes it creates an excellent visual appeal

The individual elements were demolded after they obtained the required strength. The time it took to reach the minimum strength was strongly dependent on the working temperature. What is more, SikaR ViscoCreteR not only provided the relevant technological parameters, it also guaranteed a smooth surface without voids and holes to create an excellent visual appeal.

SikaR LPS V was used to air-entrain the concrete mix and render the precast elements frost-resistant. During the winter, SikaR Rapid 2.1. was admixed to the TT floor slabs in order to shorten demolding time. The concrete which contained the Sika admixtures was used to produce reinforced beams and columns, pre-stressed beams and TT floor slabs, and other concrete elements.

A new Polish wonder

This new urban area certainly provides a fast-paced infrastructure and transportation system as well as giving residents a new living space in attractive, ultra-modern surroundings. Poznań. is an innovative place and in competition organized by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, had received before the first prize as one of the seven "New Polish Wonders", another top accolade in recognition of the high quality of life afforded by Poland’s acclaimed city of Poznań.

The Poznań City Center itself received a 5 star award for Best Mixed-Use Development in Poland. Now this integrated transportation center will make this amazing city even more appealing and connected.

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