Transformation refers to the act of transforming or the state of being transformed. Regardless of whether the more active or passive action, it indicates a marked change in appearance or character, usually for the better. Transformation also plays a vital role in the sciences, including mathematics, physics, linguistics and genetics. Here, however, we are speaking about the basic meaning.

When someone or something goes through a transformation, is being transformed or transforms someone or something else, this is evidence of development, change or maybe even innovation, or perhaps is a sign of revolution in the air. While revolution can fulfill long-forgotten dreams if it succeeds, transformation might release enough power to self-perpetuate. Basically, everything we can sense and smell – even if invisible to the eye – is subject to change every minute and every second.

This is true for all of us as well. As a consequence, we too can engender transformation. Countries such as Burundi, with one of the highest hunger rates in the world, greatly seek to improve their daily life.

Sika has enabled access to clean drinking water for around 5,000 people, particularly children. It is also organizing environmental training on the management of natural resources and renewable energy. Having reliable access to drinking water marks an immense transformation in people's lives and perspective. In Spain, projects involving the use of Sika products were judged in terms of the property, the builder or contractor, the process, the products applied, the surfaces treated, and consumption.

Among the aspects to be assessed by the panel of recognized experts were the volume, quality and difficulty of the work, the innovative solutions employed, improved runtimes, and iconic features. Better, faster, more sustainable work methods mean more quality, higher esthetic value and a longer lifetime. This too is a transformation – brought about by actions of ours as human beings. New infrastructural amenities and leisure opportunities can also spell transformation for a city.

As a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility, the new stadium built with products and services from Sika Poland meets all the most stringent international organizational and technical standards and provides the inhabitants of Cracow with a venue where they can enjoy major sports and music events.