Kokkola is the capital and largest city in the western Finnish region of Central Ostrobothnia. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea, 480 km north of Helsinki. The major local industry and employer is the chemical and metal ore processing sector. Kokkola is well-known for its international cargo transshipment port. Further important industries include metalworking, textiles, plastics, food, and wood processing. Luxury sailing boats such as the Swan Nautor are famous throughout the world.

Education as a high value

Kokkola is also known for its schools. The region’s population is bilingual and some of the pre-schools even offer a dual language curriculum. Secondary education is provided by 25 Finnish- and 8 Swedish-speaking schools. Higher and adult education falls under the remit of the Chydenius Institution in Kokkola, a university consortium that carries out teaching and research under the auspices of the universities of Jyväskylä, Oulu and Vaasa. The institution provides Open University studies and further education for Finnish and foreign professionals in the fields of education, social services, health services and management.

The multi-use campus hall

The campus hall is used for a variety of events and can also be hired. During the day, the hall’s main occupants are schoolchildren and students. Sports clubs and other outdoor activity associations use the facility in the evening.

The developer’s architectural specifications were that the campus hall should not only look like a sports venue, but that it should also function as a concert hall as well as be able to accommodate a variety of meetings, parties and other events. Special curtains allow the hall to be divided into 4 different areas. It has a special sound system and is fitted with a six-by-six-meter screen.

Easy-to-clean floor

The great majority of the floors in the building, including the stairs, have been covered with a durable, user-friendly Sika ComfortFloor flooring system. The seamless, fully bonded liquid polyurethane flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Its impervious and dense surface provides a very hygienic and safe solution. As a ductile material, Sika ComfortFloor reduces noise and is extremely comfortable for foot traffic. The flooring system fulfills the most stringent EU criteria for flooring air quality in an indoor environment.

Cafeteria as a living room

The cafeteria is like a living room for the whole campus site. Including the entrance, this is the area exposed to the greatest traffic and mechanical stresses. One important criterion was to design flooring which is highly wear-resistant and easy to maintain. The main users of the building are young people. The designers wanted to create a lively and expressive interior by selecting bright and powerful colors – challenging the customary practice of choosing neutral colors for public areas. The color scale of the floors ranges from green, blue and magenta red to grey.

State-of-the-art floor

These safe, state-of-the-art Sikafloor solutions were selected and customized to meet users’ needs. Students, teachers and visitors will enjoy them for a long time to come. Every event, concert or school session seems to be more fun inside a functional, decorative building where everyone feels special. And that’s not all: comfort, hygiene and cost savings provide attractive added bonuses.

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