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MediaCityUK is an 81 ha mixed-use property development site on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford and Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. The project is being developed by Peel Media, and its principal tenants are media organizations and the University of Salford. The land occupied by the development was part of the Port of Manchester and Manchester Docks. Considered a flagship facility for the UK's biggest commercial program provider, MediaCityUK is home to over 500 staff, including teams.

Largest TV studios in Europe

The BBC signaled its intention to move jobs to Manchester in 2004, and the Salford Quays site was chosen in 2006. The Peel Group was granted planning permission to develop the site, and the development was constructed with its own energy generation plant and communications network. Based in Quay House, the principal tenant is the BBC, whose move marks a large-scale decentralization from London.

ITV Granada completed the first phase of its move to MediaCityUK on March 25, 2013, followed in two stages by the northern arm of ITV Studios: the second stage involved Coronation Street being moved to a new production facility on Trafford Wharf (next to the Imperial War Museum North) at the end of 2013. The Studios on Broadway houses seven high-definition studios, claimed to be the largest such facility in Europe.

The place of the world’s longest-running soap Coronation Street

Considered a flagship facility for the UK's biggest commercial program provider, the Orange Tower is home to over 500 staff including teams from CITV, Granada Reports, factual, entertainment, drama, post-production and various business support services.

MediaCityUK is also home to the world’s longest-running drama, Coronation Street, which is produced from a state-of-the-art production center based on a 7.7 acre site. When the first episode was aired on December 9, 1960, it was not initially a critical success, but in 2010, it became the world's longest-running TV soap opera in production.

Antistatic floors: fluid and safe movement of HD cameras

For the construction of ITV's new Coronation Street studios in Trafford, MediaCityUK required perfectly smooth antistatic floors to facilitate the fluid and safe movement of HD camera equipment. This called for an innovative solution in the form of self-smoothing, epoxy resin floors. A Sika UK flooring system has provided the perfect platform from which to film Britain’s longest-running soap.

Experienced in TV studio-quality flooring

Designed for use in areas with sensitive electronic equipment, the approved industrial flooring was expertly applied by Sika across four studios totaling 3,800m2. The wealth of experience in delivering TV studio-quality flooring and close collaboration with the main contractor throughout the three month installation in Salford, Manchester both contributed to a successful outcome.

Ensure the highest standards of filming

The finished floor was flat to within 1 mm over a 3 m straight edge, which exceeds British Standards. Adrian Bleasdale, Project Leader at ITV, said: “We found the teams at flooring contractor Zircon Flooring and Sika easy to work with and proactive, and the finished floors are absolutely fit for purpose.” Richard Kay, Sika Flooring Area Manager for the North West region, said; “ITV Studios may be home to the world’s most famous cobbles, but behind the scenes studio floors are required to be perfectly smooth to ensure the highest standards of filming.”

Holding a floor qualification from FeFRA

“We were delighted to deliver one of our flooring systems to such an iconic project in conjunction with our highly-skilled approved contractor Zircon Flooring, who delivered a first class project.” Stewart Draper, Director at Zircon Flooring, and his team – which included son Keelan Draper, who has recently achieved the NVQ2 in situ resin floor qualification from FeFRA, the resin flooring association, delivered the project to schedule and budget.

Prevent electrostatic discharges

Stewart added: “Given the state-of-the-art equipment found in studios it is important to opt for flooring systems with anti-static features to prevent electrostatic discharges from operatives damaging sensitive electronic components. Having worked closely with Sika over the past decade we have got TV studio flooring off to a fine art and the finished floor in gray looks absolutely superb.” The Sikafloor®-262 AS system for normal to medium-heavy wear is available in a wide variety of colors and is suited to a range of applications including computer rooms, car manufacturing plants, power plants, laboratories and hospitals.

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