Whether you are a building owner, design professional or roofing contractor, choosing the right commercial roofing system for your building or project is one of the most important decisions you will make. The right roofing system will protect your investment for decades, while the wrong roofing system could result in costly repairs, damage to the building and its contents and possibly an early tear-off and re-roof.

Membranes waterproofing

To help you make an informed decision, Sika describes commercial roofing systems to help you choose one that best fits your needs. One of the greatest challenges and needs is long-lasting and reliable durability when you build a roof. The Sarnafil® T roofing system has proven long-term stability in respect of membranes waterproofing mainly flat roofs.

After 30 years the roof is in a perfect condition

The first Sarnafil® T roofing system was installed in 1988 in Sarnen. According to a sample which was cut out from this roof in November 2013, today in 2015 the roof is still in absolutely perfect condition. But what does absolutely perfect condition mean?

After 27 years there is still no moisture in the roof structure and the quality of the product is similar to the newly produced material. The material is still elastic, flexible and has easy and safe weldability at any time.

Durability is proven by figures

“We investigated a selection of Sarnafil® projects that are 25 years old. The performance and durability of Sarnafil® membrane are proven through time by hard facts and figures. We don’t know of any other manufacturer who is comparable in the market regarding the quality of the products and the sense of responsibility towards society,” states Stephan Wehrle Dipl. Ing. (FH) Institute for Construction Protection, Construction Materials and Construction Physics, Germany.

Long-term waterproofing function

To support the customer in reaching a decision Sika commissioned an expert report in August 2014, which concerns the durability of polymeric roofing membrane types Sarnafil® TS and Sarnafil® TG. It is based on a study of five 17 to 25 year old roofs, plus 158 additional roofs that were investigated and assessed by Sika personnel in a field survey, and also including Sika’s internal production monitoring data and test results.

A birthday cake for Sika Sarnafil®T

The results of this long-term study and the 25 years of proven, positive experience for the durability of Sarnafil® TG and Sarnafil® TS suggest that, given standard roof conditions and use in compliance with the products’ application and maintenance requirements, the Sarnafil® TG polymeric roofing membranes will continue to fulfil their waterproofing function for many more years.

What was the conclusion of all that? Like every birthday child you are proud of, there was a great cake – the Sika Sarnafil® T cake. Looking to many more roofing projects to come!