These swimming facilities in Geiselweid were built more than 100 years ago between 1908 and 1911 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Progress in building with reinforced concrete had made it possible to get away from natural waters and swim in artificially constructed pools too. This swimming pool has long been one of the largest in the country. However, the eye-catching building with a curved roof and pointed clock tower unfortunately eventually had to be rebuilt.

The lawns at the back and on the roof of the neighboring indoor pool gave it a large and airy feel. Behind the pump house is a separate teaching pool and a sunbathing area.
A previously gender-separated, now mixed sun deck is located by the low wooden bunks. Today there are sun loungers on the edge of the basin. On Saturday mornings, early birds welcome the sun with power yoga for inner and outer balance.

Leaks in tanks and pipes

The renovation of the pool was delayed by several years. The groundwater had increased greatly through leaks in tanks and pipes. Vines twisted around crumbling concrete, and warped, rough boards surrounded the pool. Lichens had covered the diving tower’s scaffold ages ago.

Pools for every joy

From 2007 to 2009, the outdoor pool was finally renewed and refurbished. It now offers a competition-grade Olympic pool and an adventure pool with a flow channel and wide slides. The special attraction is the largest natural pool in Switzerland. Expansive lawns, a barbecue area, playing fields, a beach volleyball court, slacklines and much more leave nothing to be desired. Disabled extensions, a cozy restaurant with sun terrace and a store ensures that every guest enjoys added value.

After 38 years of operation indoor pool gets refurbished

Finally, the old indoor pool also received a 15 million Swiss franc renovation after 38 years of operation. Besides aesthetic aspects, such as brighter ceilings and a more open entrance area, the swimming pool surround was raised to the water level, making it easier to get into the water. Additionally, the newly installed video surveillance system “Angel Eyes” increases safety for visitors.

For this refurbishment, Sika Switzerland’s support was needed in the planning and execution. It had to be a fast construction process with an easily applicable waterproofing solution and an efficient floor structure. The “Angel Eyes” had to be installed and sealed. The floor had to be highly mechanically and chemically resistant in order to withstand chlorine water and aggressive cleaning agents.

Quick concrete concept

Due to the influence on the concrete concept and decoupling and isolation of the pool surrounds with Sika® Permat, the newly concreted subsurface was only covered one month afterwards, instead of the normal waiting time of six months. The concrete joints were waterproofed with the Sikadur®-Combiflex SG System. The extensive sealing of the pool surround was done using Sikalastic®-1K, a flexible fibre reinforced waterproofing mortar.

Now the inhabitants of Winterthur have something to look forward to again: even when it’s raining and cool outside, which may well be the case for two thirds of the year, you can go swimming indoors. If you can’t swim, take a lesson. And if you are getting bored of swimming, visit the sauna, which goes up to 100°C. Then no one can complain about the cold Mid-European climate of Switzerland.

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