Today, Caritas Peru has a network of 48 Caritas diocesans who seek to translate the Christian mission in building a more trusted, united, fair and fraternal country. The promotion of integral social development is an important part of their work. This includes improving nutrition and health in families, paying special attention to mothers and infants under three years of age, offering protection and social inclusion programs.


Improve headquarters of Caritas Peru, Callao

In July, Sika collaborated with Caritas Peru, offering solutions to improve the construction of its new office and meeting center at the headquarters of Caritas Callao. As a result of this collaboration, the building’s roof will be waterproofed.


Refurbishment training for the community

Besides the contribution to the headquarters, Sika held a training session in which it taught the community about the latest construction technologies. Sika Peru’s specialists explained how to use products correctly and outlined the benefits they bring to different construction stages. Participants thus learned how to get the best results when sealing and bonding, waterproofing, tiling and using concrete additives and repair mortars, enabling everyone to work on their own buildings and carry out repair work.


Repairing homes and businesses

The “Joint Sealing and Concrete Additives” training session was conducted in the auditorium of CETPRO San Jose Artesano, and it was directed at students of construction-related careers, construction workers and people listed in the program of Caritas Callao. There were 45 participants who were all very interested in solutions for prevention and repair of their homes or businesses.


Sustainable refurbishment

Improving a broken, damaged, or outdated residential structure can often be cheaper and more sustainable. The residents can keep the structure of the room or building while cracks and leaks are repaired or walls are better isolated against heat or cold.

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