La Vue is a new 85-foot luxury floating restaurant on Wilson’s Wharf in Durban Harbor. It is the only 5-star floating restaurant and events venue in South Africa. A number of Sika’s bonding, sealing and protection products were used to ensure the longevity of this opulent catamaran.


Entertaining catamaran

Open 6 days a week, La Vue offers a variety of recreational entertainment options. Guests who set sail on this magnificent 200-seater passenger vessel can enjoy their very own city experience.


Get on board and explore its two decks

The catamaran features two amazing decks, two full bars and a dance floor. Passengers can begin their journey topside and stroll the outdoor deck under the stars, taking in all the sights of the Durban skyline while sipping on a cocktail. Below, the cosmopolitan dining deck offers the finest cuisine. The cozy climate-controlled decks are the ideal venue for romantic dinners, sightseeing, cocktails, corporate events or once-in-a-lifetime wedding receptions.


Bonding the vessel

To guarantee La Vue's successful construction, Sika’s bonding, sealing and protection products were the obvious first choice. Sika South Africa climbed onboard to ensure that everything ran smoothly with Sika’s applications.

Each panel of the external deck and the interior dining deck on La Vue was bonded onto the fiberglass structure using Sikaflex-552 AT, a high-performance elastic, gap-filling, one-component, hybrid assembly adhesive. The tabletops, wooden railings and most of the wood features on board were also bonded.


How the vessel was made solid against high dynamic stresses and ageing?

Given the time constraints imposed on this project, Sikaflex-552 AT (fast-curing on exposure to atmospheric humidity to form a durable elastomer) was specified. It is capable of withstanding high dynamic stresses and is resistant to ageing and weathering, making it the ideal product for this vessel.


Elastic sealants for neatening and sealing the joints

Two Sika primers were applied prior to bonding. For the neatening and sealing of joints, seams and panels on board, Sikaflex-521 UV (black and white) was applied both externally and internally. This multi-purpose, non-sag, elastic sealant is based on a polyurethane hybrid compound that is non-corrosive and low-odor. It is VOC- and solvent-free, may be sanded or painted over and, like Sikaflex-552 AT, it is fast-curing and ageing and weathering resistant.


Matching wood colors

To match the color of the wood, Sikaflex-11 FC (brown) was used to seal around the staircase panels and the table bases. This ready-to-use, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant and multi-purpose adhesive based on polyurethane provides bubble-free curing, good mechanical resistance and is ageing and weather resistant. Sikaflex-11 FC is non-corrosive, solvent-free and odorless with very low emission.


Ensure load-bearing capacity of 120 tons

On completion of the renovation work, an additional hull was added to the 200-seater La Vue to ensure a load-bearing capacity of 120 tons. Due to Durban’s sub-tropical climate, this ultimate floating masterpiece will be available year-round for parties, specialty theme cruises and custom charters. Why not join the party!


Get on board in Durban`s harbor

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