To maintain our health, besides work, we have to move enough, relax and eat right. In our time-starved world, it is often difficult to lead a healthy life. Time-optimized concepts are essential to achieve the correct combination of movement and relaxation. Regular training in the gym will give you a healthy and balanced life.


Saunas, an ice room and a steam bath

A 2,000 m2 gym with spa area was recently installed on the fifth floor of the sports building of Lucerne’s stadium complex in Switzerland. Including Finnish, bio and infusion saunas, an ice room and a steam bath, the different areas of the park offer a true oasis of well-being for all visitors.


Highly thermos-resistant systems for the saunas

The construction project requirements were challenging given the need for highly thermos-resistant systems with sauna temperatures of up to 80°C. The structures also had to be resistant to water and steam. The sealing volume was substantial, with a large number of penetrations and connections to be sealed.


Construction of the concrete ceiling

For the concrete ceiling, the liquid plastic Sikalastic® was used as a primary sealant and fallback solution. The concrete joints were sealed with the Sikadur-Combilex® SG System. After screeding and levelling works, Sikalastic® was applied as a secondary sealing layer.


Construction of the sauna

In the sauna, the tiles were bonded with the polyester-based sealant SikaBond®, whereas for all other areas, SikaCeram® was used. Rigid joints were filled with either epoxy resin based SikaCeram® EpoxyGrout or with classic rigid SikaCeram®.


Get relaxed yourself

And after all this sport you can let go, reward yourself, indulge, relax and enjoy the luxury of pampering yourself. Are you one of those people who need to take time out every once in a while, to slow down and move at a quieter pace? Here you'll find a place that offers you nothing but peace and tranquility. This spa area possesses its own unique characteristics, with hygiene guaranteed and in terrific surroundings.

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