Is Hollywood unique? No, but it has been for a long time! From Los Angeles via Mumbai’s Bollywood, we have finally arrived in Western China. Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, funded by China’s largest property developer Wanda Group, aims to become the Hollywood of the East.


The world's largest studio pavilion

According to the Wanda Group, 30 foreign movies and 100 Chinese movies will be produced here every year. It boasts the world's largest studio pavilion (10,000 m2) and China’s most advanced temperature-controlled permanent underwater stage. The complex houses 30 purpose-built production stages and the country’s biggest exterior water tank, a combination of natural scenery and customized locations, in addition to world-class facilities for post-production.


Personal insights of a site visit

I am Chris Lu, a Sika Product Marketing Specialist for concrete. Since I joined the company, one aspect of my work has been to learn about and get involved in various projects. As a foreign language graduate who knew little about the chemical industry, every time I took over a new project, it was necessary to make preparations and conduct research. I was often unfamiliar with what was needed until I visited the project site in person.


A construction site as a landscape printing?

Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis is located in Huangdao District, which faces downtown Qingdao across the bay. The two districts are closely connected by an undersea tunnel and a drive of just over 10 minutes. Although I had already been told about the scale of the project, I could never have envisaged what I would see on site. The planned 270 hectares of land follows the coastline like a landscape painting. Although most of the site was still under construction and crammed full with equipment, it is easy to imagine the site in action after its completion.


Yacht exhibition, shopping and entertainment

The superb insight and ambition is on display throughout the development, including the planned annual international film festival, the eye-catching international yacht exhibition, and the excellent shopping and entertainment center. Based on current plans, after completion, Wanda Oriental Movie Metropolis will stretch along the coastline and cover almost half of the entire Huangdao District.


Protection from corrosion

Since the western coastal region of Huangdao was formed by land reclamation, there are more stringent engineering requirements and standards compared to a pure land-based development. Given that the project is directly located by the sea, its buildings require special protection from corrosion. Sika FerroGard®-901 C was used to shield the buildings and prolong their service life. The developer specifically selected Sika FerroGard®-901 C, because it is an excellent compound type concrete corrosion inhibitor.


Tripling the lifespan of reinforced concrete

By forming a protective film over the surface of the metal, the product is able reduce corrosion. Even if corrosion has already started to appear, the product can also slow further erosion by means of competitive adsorption. In previous cases, Sika® FerroGard has proved its outstanding performance by more than tripling the lifespan of reinforced concrete.


Ultra-fast development

However, to build such an amazing city from scratch should take at least 20 years. I recall my boss’s words to me on a recent business trip: “I visited these places ten years ago. You can never imagine what it was like at that time.”


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