Everybody is familiar with the feeling of being on your feet all day and although you maybe wearing comfortable shoes, your feet still start to hurt by the end of day. As soon as you get home, all you can think of doing is lying on the sofa and putting your feet up. If only there was a solution to this problem.


Durable, non-slip plus high comfort

Visiting the Coleshill Heath Primary School in Birmingham in the UK, we came across a promising concept. Completed in July 2015, the school contains a full day care and school nursery, along with community facilities, including an adult learning center, sports pitches and multi-use games areas. The school was looking for a durable, non-slip floor that offered high comfort, excellent wear and impact resistance, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.


A seamless, liquid applied vinyl floor was the most suitable  

Initially vinyl flooring was specified on the project, but after a consultation, a seamless, liquid applied vinyl was found to be more suitable for the requirements of the school. The solution selected was a Sika® ComfortFloor® system, a premium and elastic polyurethane with a high-end reputation in the marketplace.


Durability is key for a busy school building

Sika UK designed and delivered a 1.695m2 system throughout the school’s classrooms, corridors, kitchens and toilet areas, which main contractor Morgan Sindall delivered as part of North Solihull Partnership’s continuing investment in the area.

Close partners Zenith Pola Flooring Services, Sika and Morgan Sindall collaborated to create a high quality flooring solution that met the project’s requirements exactly. As durability is also key to meet the demands of a busy school building, Sika® ComfortFloor® proved to be the optimum solution. Combining noise suppression and durability with a flawless finish, the system satisfied aesthetic requirements while delivering a hardwearing system that guarantees long term


What about maintainance costs?

Ongoing maintenance costs can also be a key factor for schools, and as resin flooring can be applied over existing vinyl and wood surfaces and once laid, there is always the option to refresh it to extend its lifecycle. Sika® ComfortFloor® boasts a wide range of sustainable benefits for both the end client and installers. Easy to apply and ready to use immediately, this was vital on this project, which had a tight program and several trades on site at the same time.


The only resin flooring product to have a A+ BREEAM Green guide rating

Sika has developed a range of high performance ‘seamless’ epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring systems which lend themselves to education projects – with a ‘refreshability’ option. Sika ComfortFloor is the only resin flooring product to have a A+ BREEAM Green guide rating, which allowed the client to attain maximum sustainable points for the flooring system on the build. 


Environmental factors for pupils` learning experience

Nicole Fowles, Headteacher, Coleshill Heath School said, "Partnership and collaboration have been at the heart of the entire project. Environmental factors have a huge impact on pupil achievement and their learning experience. The company has listened to our needs from both a functional and aesthetic point of view, which will enable generations of children to be inspired and nurtured.”

The school’s pupils and teachers might not now be heading straight for the sofa after a stressful day. We bet some might go out for a run, play football or ride around on their bikes. In fact, they won’t even be thinking about a sofa. And even high-heels are comfortable on the new flooring… well, in some cases – at least that’s what we’ve heard.


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