The term “steadfast” might be used to describe a person who is fiercely loyal to another person, a group, a company, work, ideas or thoughts, to name only a few examples. Remaining steadfast can help us to withstand upheaval and other blows of fate during our lives. And it’s comforting in a way as well. Just imagine changing your entire mindset every day – or moving house every two months. No, that sounds too exhausting. But it is of course not only us who need steadfastness. The construction world out there is exposed to very different complex external conditions which have to be overcome by professional systems and solutions.

The Harbin Opera House in Northeast China has to endure severe weather conditions. Its steadfastness originates to a large part from the sealants, which have to be able to withstand seasonal temperature changes for a period in excess of 10 years. In winter, when the snow-melting device installed at the bottom of the aluminum cladding facade begins to work, the facade’s temperature will immediately rise 90°C from -40°C to 50°C. Under such conditions, a standard 4,000 mm by 2,000 mm aluminum cladding panel will experience a 9.7 mm linear deformation, which must be absorbed by the sealants. Lifelong stability is also absolutely essential for the Grand Theatre in Rabat, Morocco, a veritable architectural pearl. With flooding a fundamental concern in the area surrounding the building, the site has been raised to five meters above the river level. Despite this, the required basement depth means that some parts of the building are still permanently below the water level, and large-scale tanking measures are being adopted to deal with this. The nearby river has created special challenges for the waterproofing concept for the building foundations, placing exceptionally high demands on the waterproofing systems, which Sika provides. And while on the subject of strong waterproofing options, we are looking forward to celebrating with you the 30th birthday of the cementitious waterproofing coating SikaTop® Seal-107 and showing you some more solutions for wet rooms – to keep them steadfastly protected against moisture, rising damp and any other water damage.


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