A bathroom is more than just a room where you take a shower or brush your teeth. It is an essential part of your home, a space where you can relax and just feel good.


Advantages of wet rooms?

Something which is becoming more and more popular these days is the so-called wet room – a bathroom in which the shower is not separated off from the rest of the room with a built-in shower cubicle, but where the room itself acts as the enclosure. Such wet rooms offer a huge range of benefits. Not only do they look ultra-stylish and allow you to simply walk straight into your shower area; they are generally also easier to clean and, what’s more, they add value to your home.


Protect the structure and waterproof properly

Nevertheless, when considering a wet room or any other wet area, such as toilets, kitchens, laundries or especially swimming pools, the key factor is to properly waterproof these elements and protect the structure or the building from any water ingress. It is imperative to consider the whole structure as a system, from substrate preparation to leveling, waterproofing, tiling and sealing, as the different components need to be fully compatible, easy to apply and completely reliable in order to achieve the best results.


Waterproofing membranes

A very popular approach is to use system solutions with tiles as a finishing layer, as they offer a huge choice of colors and designs and are perfectly compatible with waterproofing membranes such as waterproofing mortars or dispersion-based products.



Redesign of your bathroom?

Have you ever thought about redesigning your bathroom? Before you decide on a specific wet room, cast your mind back to all the hotels you have visited in your life, because hotels often reflect the very latest style. What did you like best? Below are some examples to inspire you and highlight the areas requiring the most care…


First option, Insula Alba, Greece

First let’s take a look at Insula Alba, Greece, which is the latest 5-star hotel to be built in Heraklion, Crete. It is a luxurious seaside spa hotel with 140 rooms and suites, seven indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, cocktail bars, and a spa center, as well as recreation and lounge areas. The design of the hotel dictated extensive and technically demanding tiling areas. The designer’s choice of tiling was synthetic granite for the indoor and outdoor areas and specially-crafted tiles for the swimming pools.


Tiles for high traffic

The tile adhesives for the high-traffic (e.g. reception and lounge) areas are required to withstand a heavy load. For the submerged surfaces, the tile adhesives need to have superior durability in terms of both mechanical and chemical resistance. In this type of project, the aesthetic factor is also a high priority. The tile grouts need to have high mechanical and chemical resistance, with antibacterial properties and long-lasting colorations, and be durable to exposure to UV radiation and chemical cleaning agents. The finishing texture needs to meet the highest aesthetic standards.


Many colors for every taste

Sika Greece used SikaCeram®-203 Superbond as the appropriate tile adhesive for the bathrooms, indoor flooring and terraces. SikaCeram® was chosen for the swimming pools and surrounding areas. The tiling grouts were of prime importance. The wide range of available colorations enabled the designer to employ four different hues, matching the tiles in use.


Second option, Tivat, Montenegro

Leaving Greece, we now visit Tivat, a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. Situated within the Bay of Kotor UNESCO World Heritage site, it is famous for its burgeoning tourism industry. Part of this development is the new yacht marina and adjacent waterfront development, with residences, apartments, bars and restaurants. The construction of the villa residences was completed in 2015 with a total area of 3,000 m2.


Rainy winters require extra waterproofing

Tivat enjoys warm and dry weather in the summer. However, during the winter period it can see a lot of rainfall. With these conditions, an in-depth evaluation of the waterproofing requirements is needed. The contractor and designer requested a complete waterproofing system suitable for swimming pools, bathrooms and terraces. An additional challenge was the pressure of completing the project within a short timeframe.


Waterproofing for swimming pools, terraces and bathrooms

Sika Serbia offered a complete, proven waterproofing system as the best way to meet the tight schedule for this project. Swimming pools, terraces and bathrooms were waterproofed with Sikalastic® waterproofing mortars, in combination with Sika joint and tiling solutions.


Third option, Aranđelovac, Serbia

Returning to the topic of bathrooms, we now go to Aranđelovac, a town in Serbia which is located 75 km south of the capital Belgrade and is famous for its mineral springs. Spa and wellness destination Hotel Izvor offers a wide choice of swimming pools and wellness facilities. When the existing hotel was to be refurbished, the contractor and designer requested a complete waterproofing system for the bathrooms, terraces and swimming pools. Sika Serbia provided a proven system solution which included waterproofing of joints, pipes, drains and other related areas.


Watertight from the beginning – that`s essential

So whether in wet rooms, wet areas in general, or swimming pools, the essential thing is to consider the right products and materials to keep the water in its intended place from the very beginning.


Design your own style

Have we inspired you to acquire a wet room of your own? Then design your own style – have fun selecting tiles and materials, explore different patterns and colors, and always keep in mind the need for proper waterproofing. Soon you will be able to close your eyes, immerse yourself in the water and feel … just as if you were on vacation. Every single day of the year.