Sustainable construction, more than ever before, drive Sika's development efforts and will no doubt accelerate in the years to come. The combined know-how of construction experts and the research and development team of Sika Automotive, Hamburg, led to a the SikaProof®A-HC & SikaProof® P-HC solutions, a waterproofing system designed for use in areas with a hot climate.


This unique system build-up creates a full and durable mechanical bond effect, which is created when the fleece is completely embedded in the fresh concrete. In addition, the sealant prevents any lateral water underflow and migration between the SikaProof®-HC membrane system and the structural concrete.

The SikaProof® A-HC & SikaProof® P-HC solutions have now been successfully implemented in the Water Security Megareservoirs Project in Qatar. This project includes five reservoirs with a capacity of 100 million gallons each, making them the largest reinforced concrete reservoirs in the world.



Damp-proofing, concrete protection and waterproofing for basements and other below grade concrete structures against ground water ingress:

  • Below grade concrete slabs
  • Below grade walls with both single (blindside forming) and double-faced formwork (open cut)
  • Additions and retrofitting work
  • For prefabricated construction



  • Fully bonded - Water cannot migrate through it
  • Exceptional flexibility - Resistant to seismic activity
  • Liquefaction and settlement resistant - Does not need to be confined
  • Unique Grid Seal Technology - No water migration even if damaged
  • High durability - Lower maintenance costs
  • Resistant against aggressive ground water - Can be used in saline or brackish groundwater locations
  • Fast installation - Saves contractor time and costs
  • Safe installation - No welding, no open flames, no priming
  • Suitable for hot climates

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