Urbanization, sustainability, prosperity, and demographic development pose increasingly high demands in terms of construction. With its innovative product developments, Sika has secured a leadership role in meeting these specifications. Solutions delivered by Sika frequently become established as new standards in the building industry.

Anyone in construction faces growing challenges. Soundproofing is becoming more of a must in inner cities, legislators are imposing stricter exposure limits for solvents and other harmful substances, and investors are relying on LEED and other environmental standards to raise the residents’ quality of life and the value of a building.

Numerous drivers

The more stringent specifications are a result of urbanization and the growing need for safety and sustainability. Increased wealth and population growth are also driving the further development of building standards. Building activity is frequently governed by civil law regulations drawn up by associations, organizations, and insurance companies. Lawmakers also tend to tighten requirements in the aftermath of major fires or earthquakes.
Being in a permanent process of innovation allows Sika to keep up with this development. “Not only do Sika products satisfy the ever more rigorous specifications, they also give planners, developers, and architects design freedoms,” says Yumi Kan, Head of Construction and a member of Sika Group Management.

Safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Safety is at the center of measures to tighten standards, and fire safety plays a key role here. The Sika product portfolio includes highly effective passive fire protection systems which can also be deployed very cost-efficiently. Efficiency requirements are becoming generally tougher, and Sika can deliver solutions thanks to its large range of easy-to-use products. Sika technologies also meet the most demanding of sustainability criteria. What is more, Sika’s products increase buildings serviceability by improving quality and user comfort with
simple-to-clean floors or state-of-the art soundproofing technologies.
Through its close dialog with construction professionals, architects, and developers, Sika is able to identify industry trends early and can therefore actively drive the implementation of higher building standards. This is achieved through the development of high-quality products, which often set the standard for the building industry. Thanks to the efforts of Sika the quality of buildings is improving.

Developing an infrastructure is one of the first tasks facing emerging
economies. Later the demands on efficiency and quality increase for the
entire building sector. This is demonstrated by the example of Vietnam,
where education levels and economic wealth are rising, and stricter building standards are being introduced. In mature markets, the protection and refurbishment of buildings is a priority. The Sika Group’s broad portfolio means it has suitable solutions for each of these phases and is therefore independent of the individual construction market cycles. The Sika growth model is based on this flexibility to service all elements of the construction industry.

Safety - Sika is the best insurance

Sika solutions make buildings more resistant. They extend the lifespan, reduce repair costs, and above all protect people and goods. Even in the face of extreme events.

Efficiency - Intelligent Products making a Difference

Efficient processes are also becoming increasingly crucial in the building industry. Sika and its engineers keep close to the customer base and fine-tune products accordingly. Intelligent solutions are fast and easy to use, as was proven at the refurbishment of a parking garage in Linz, Austria.

Sustainability - How Sika makes Concrete more environmentally friendly

High-performance Sika admixtures improve the carbon footprint of concrete, from manufacture to recycling of the building material. This conserves the environment and reduces building costs.