Lightweight construction and multimaterial design are the megatrends in the
automotive industry. Adhesive bonding is becoming the supreme joining technology of the twenty-first century. A key role in both these processes is being played by SikaPower®. Every year, SikaPower® adhesives make 20 million cars safer and more stable.

High-strength, Elastic Structural Adhesive

SikaPower® adhesives combine two seemingly contradictory properties: high strength and elasticity. As such, they are ideal for contemporary automotive manufacturing. Lightweight construction requires the use of low-weight materials that are still able to guarantee absolute safety. This leads to multi-material design and, in consequence, a break with traditional joining techniques.

SikaPower® MBX - The Multi-material adhesive

SikaPower® MBX is the ideal option for materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, which are essential for lightweight construction, but can only be bonded and not welded. This structural adhesive from the SikaPower® range adheres equally well to a wide range of materials and guarantees a permanently stable bond with optimum stiffness while at the same time accommodating the varying thermal and mechanical expansion behavior of the bonded materials. This lengthens the service life of vehicles while increasing their crash resistance. SikaPower® makes lightweight vehicles safer because, in the event of an accident, adhesive joints absorb more energy and undergo less deformation than welded joints.

SikaPower® For Structural Bonding

SikaPower® is used to bond components that are subject to high mechanical loads. Since the adhesive enables the body construction itself to absorb more energy, the safety is enhanced in the event of a crash. SikaPower® increases the stiffness of car bodies, lengthens vehicle service lives and, thanks to its outstanding workability properties, also boosts production efficiency.