The headquarters of Sika are located in the Altstetten District of Zurich.
The complex includes production, research and development, a site services center and a multi-story car park, plus various buildings for sales and marketing
departments with extensive training facilities.  With the new building a key objective was to centralize the Construction Sales divisions of the organization, with other key departments, which had been locally separated before. The aim is to fully exploit the synergies of working together.


Supporting collaborative working

New workplace concepts were introduced to support this collaborative working and information exchange, by facilitating contact between the members of different departments and working groups. The “Neubau Limmat” building is designed to accommodate up to 300 employees. There are also new laboratories and a product demonstration and application center, plus a restaurant for staff and visitors.


Flexible use of space for new office building

The building design is based on the flexible use of space for multiple functions, reflecting the Group’s core competencies: sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting; all this is materialized in this new building, following and
communicating the business objectives throughout the physical space. The staff
and visitors are at the center of the building’s conception.


Solar energy supports sustainability

Bright, open and a pleasant working environment, with as much natural light as possible and supporting spaces for social contact are all provided. Technologies to support sustainability according to Minergie (Swiss) international standards, including for example the installation of PV Solar arrays, are also deployed extensively and integral to this building.


Cocoon office format

The new working concepts applied in the Limmat have the layout of the workplace as a combi-office or cocoon office format. Enclosed workplaces are located at the front of the building for individuals on concentrated work, with open plan offices and meeting rooms for team and project work. Training and teaching areas are included to create a comfortable and attractive environment. Overall the design supports focus, collaborative working, interaction and knowledge transfer.


Over 60 Sika products were used

Sika solutions feature throughout the building: from the tanking membrane to the concrete facade, from floor coverings and bonded windows to the roof membrane. In all, over 60 Sika products and systems from all business areas contributed to the success of the Limmat Building project. Concrete assumes a wide variety of guises: discreetly tinted or black-colored on the facade, in a natural grey hue in the corridors, stairwells and office spaces.


Concrete gets “creative”

The "creative" wall finishes in the coffee break rooms, which recall blades of grass swaying in the wind or waves rippling onto a beach, add a universal quality to the spatial experience. Nor is there any lack of vibrant color in the building: the flooring in the coffee lounges, for example, shines in a refreshing green.


High-grade laboratory, training and presentation facilities

Given that the Limmat Building also includes high-grade laboratory, training and presentation facilities at basement level, absolute watertightness was essential. The concrete fabric was waterproofed with the SikaProof® A fresh-concrete-embedded membrane, which offers proven resistance to lateral water underflow. The membrane was installed in conjunction with various Sika system solutions for joint sealing, pipe penetrations and other details.


Precast color concrete units at the façade

Precast color concrete units enter into a harmonious symbiosis with the idiosyncratic glass facade. To achieve a perfect seal at the junctions between facade and concrete units, the Sika Membran® waterproofing system was bonded around each unit. This system provides a reliable barrier against wind and moisture, prevents condensation, serves to mitigate thermal bridging and heat losses, and thus helps to maintain comfortable indoor environmental conditions throughout the year.


Steel roof structure

The Limmat Building is topped by a steel roof structure. To guard against damage from long-term environmental action, the steelwork was finished with a gray (RAL 7046) SikaCor® corrosion protection coating. A Sarnafil® membrane was installed on the flat roof area, which serves as the staff restaurant terrace, to protect the rooms below. The waterproof membrane was mechanically fixed and ballasted by a gravel layer to prevent wind uplift and reduce weather exposure. The pitched metal roof was waterproofed with a Sarnafil® TG membrane and also incorporates two layers of thermal insulation. The photovoltaic panels are able to generate an impressive 110,000 KWh of electricity.