The act of protecting or the state of being protected is perfectly natural behavior and something we all appreciate not just when it comes to preservation from injury or harm. We like to build our world around us to shield ourselves and feel safe and comfortable. Though we no longer live in caves, we have retained the instinct to dwell in houses and buildings which can safeguard us from harm. The Protection Motivation Theory states that we protect ourselves based on four factors: the perceived severity of a threatening event, the perceived probability of the occurrence, or vulnerability, the efficacy of the recommended preventive behavior, and the perceived self-efficacy, which is the belief in one's ability to execute the recommended courses of action successfully. Nowadays it is generally easier to experience self-efficacy and take whatever action is needed to feel protected.


A new residential lifestyle in Abu Dhabi shows us how sustainability and state-of-the-art living can be interlinked and how residents feel comfortable in their homes. In the Legacy Rainbow House, children with brain damage, multiple disabilities or complex health needs get the care and therapies they require. The correct specification of facilities, and in particular flooring, is vital as they have to fulfill high hygienic standards in order to protect the children's health. In demanding hygiene environments, standard paints are no match for this range of specifically developed hygienic coatings. What is more, we have a duty to protect the environment we live in.


The most used man-made material in the world is concrete. Sika’s ViscoCrete® superplasticizer technology promotes the reduction of water and cement in high-volume concrete, while maintaining or improving its properties. The superplasticizers solely contain random by-products from renewable raw materials instead of oil, without compromising on quality. And how about your own home? Is it well protected from basement to roof? We show you an example of residential housing in the UK which was built in a challenging location set into a hill on the side of a river. Our remit was to find a convenient construction method to suit the wet, dirty conditions. Find out how we managed.