SikaGrind®-Technology for an Outstanding Cement in a Challenging Market

In today’s competitive market, cement manufacturers as well as cement users are aiming for cost reduction with the target to increase profitability and improve market share.

Cement producers need to supply the cement quality as defined by local standards, and at the same time meet customers’ demands. Strength development is surely the most important and most controlled property. Other influences of the continued increasing use of clinker replacements are often out of the main focus. The potential problems range from low concrete workability to variations which adversely affect the appearance of concrete.

Additives which positively influence properties during production of concrete can become the decisive factor to choose one particular cement and help to differentiate yourself versus the competition. The SikaGrind® range offers products and tailor made solutions for individual challenges, providing additional opportunities to optimize cement production, cement quality and profitability.

Higher Output Capacity

The SikaGrind® technology achieves a higher production volume in relation to a comparable traditional grinding aid.
This allows to:

  • Reduce specific energy-cost per ton of cement
  • Generate additional benefit due to increased sales volume
  • React flexible on market demands
Grinding Efficiency

The use of chemical processing agents in the manufacture of cement is well known and state-of-the-art today. The latest developments in the chemical industry have opened new possibilities to further improve the cost structure. Sika has introduced a new approach to the grinding aid business. The brand SikaGrind stands for new creative solutions for grinding aids and performance enhancers.

Reduced CO2 Emissions at Constantly High Quality Levels

State-of-the-art technologies for grinding aids include the use of amino alcohols and glycols, which can be used in formulated products, but also as pure raw materials. With the successful use of polycarboxylate polymers in modern concrete technology as powerful superplastizisers and high range water reducers, the concept has also been developed to use these polymers in the cement grinding process.

Based on the knowledge of its design and production, Sika has developed a polycarboxylate polymer-powered grinding aid technology, which is able to improve the performance of traditional amino alcohol and glycol-based grinding aids.