SikaGrind®-Service for Maximized Benefits

The characteristics of the local raw materials, the availability of possible clinker replacements and the conditions during the cement grinding process are different in every individual cement plant. In addition, the demands of standards and customers regarding the cement performance vary due to different climate and construction methods. Therefore, the solution for highest possible production rates
or maximized use of supplementary cementitious materials needs to be adjusted individually.

Understand local situations and define targets

We understand and support your business. Therefore, in whatever situation, being confronted with a special problem or in the daily challenge to improve your profitability, Sika will assist you in reaching your targets.
Local conditions and demands vary strongly which makes it necessary to handle every plant individually. Sika can offer tailor made solutions, designed to meet individual challenges. This implies the necessity to work together as partners with one joint target.

Laboratory pre-trials to evaluate trends

As a starting point of a product and process optimisation, well-defined and technically feasible targets related to the present production and quality parameters are agreed upon. Based on our experience in cement production process and product know-how, one or two SikaGrind® products are recommended for plant trials. If necessary, laboratory pre-trials can be arranged in one of our regional cement laboratories.

Execution of plant trials by Sika experts

Preparation and execution of plant trials are handled by Sika staff in cooperation with plant staff. The production data as well as the results of the cement analysis which are determined in our specialized laboratories are than discussed between you and Sika’s cement specialists to agree upon the target fulfillment and to define the next

Evaluation of cement quality in Laboratory analysis

In case of inconclusive results or the need for further optimization work, another plant trial cycle with potential product modification and laboratory pre-trials might be necessary.