Sika has over 100 years of research and experience in cementitious construction materials that allows it to offer concepts for sustainable concrete. Special concrete admixtures ensure the production of easy to handle and ecologically-friendly high performance concretes for the modern construction industry.  


Concrete is a vital part of today’s construction industry which demands solutions that consider both economical and ecological aspects. Concrete producers are continuously striving to achieve more efficient and environmentally-friendly production methods. Sika continues to offer cost-effective concepts for a more ecologically-friendly production of
so-called ‘green’ concrete.



Sika® Viscocrete® GR 5000 is designed to achieve the optimized ratios that meet Sika's LCA requirements. Concrete admixtures, including Sika® Viscocrete® GR 5000, can improve the sustainability of concrete in many different ways.


Firstly, admixtures can improve the quality and performance of concrete significantly, which in return extends its service life. In addition, thanks to the use of admixtures, the application of concrete instead of other building materials can improve the life cycle of infrastructures. The addition of Sika® Viscocrete® GR 5000 works as a stabilizing and hyper water reducing admixture, enabling the use of alternative and recycled materials such as recycled aggregates which also produce a good quality concrete.


Finally, in many cases the energy required to produce certain cement or concrete mixes will be positively impacted with the use of admixtures or other materials that follow LCA.

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