Sika®ViscoCrete®-RM800 is a third generation high performance dual action superplasticizer for concrete which can also produce self-compacting concrete. It is based on Sika’s own ViscoCrete® technology.

This product is suitable for tropical and hot climatic conditions.



  • The production of site mixed, ready-mix concrete
  • In summer, or hot weather, for the production of concrete with extended transportation or placing times
  • Concrete requiring retained workability for extended periods
    Textured surface finishes
  • Concrete with extremely high water-reducing capacity
  • Self-compacting concrete



  • Pronounced self-compacting behaviour, therefore suitable for the production of Self-Compacting Concrete
  • High impermeability and strengths due to extremely high water reduction
  • Improved shrinkage and creep characteristics
  • Excellent flow ability resulting in minimal placing and compacting efforts
  • Slower rate of carbonation ingress in hardened concrete
  • Cost effective, structurally economic
  • Higher ultimate strengths allows greater flexibility for engineers to design
  • Highly effective plasticizer reduces surface defects in concrete elements and improves aesthetic appearance
  • Durable concrete

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