Sika Solutions for Building Components

  • Façades


    To strike the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, architects are increasingly turning to glass curtain wall construction. Glass can be well combined with other materials such as natural stone, metals or plastic coated metals, giving planners a wide scope for creativity. But facades must also provide long-term durable systems.

  • Insulating Glass

    Insulating Glass

    The facades are mainly responsible for the energy balance of a building. The excellent thermal insulating effect of bonded double- or triple-glazed units with coated glass - sealed by dual-seal technology - can save much of the energy otherwise consumed for heating or cooling.

  • Windows


    Structural bonding of the glass to the sash frame stiffens the window. As a result, the glass supports the frame instead of the usual situation where the frame supports the glass. Reduced requirements to the structural strength for the sash frame enable numerous options for improved window structures.

  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy

    Adhesive technologies enables the Photovoltaic, CSP and STC system providers to reach for new design options and cost reduction thanks to material savings as well as improved processes.