SikaBit® Protection Sheet-4 SA


SikaBit® Protection Sheet-4 SA is a tough, rot-proof, durable pre-molded bitumen based board covered on both sides with a thin polyethylene film.
Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions.

  • Very low water absorption.
  • Non invasive. Compatible with SikaBit® ranges of products.
  • Withstands impact from backfilling operations on site, as well as effective protection against construction traffic, concreting and other topping work.
  • Maintains shape stability at high temperatures.
  • It is tough, rot-proof and non-biodegradable. It is unaffected by permanent immersion in water.
  • Resistant to water, salts, chlorides and other chemicals normally found in soils.
  • Can be bent to normal contours without cracking while rigid enough to hold as a board on vertical surfaces.
  • High puncture and impact resistance.