Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key component of success. Mindful of its obligations, Sika actively engages in sustainable and humanitarian development projects, either as a member of international organizations, or directly on the spot. Sika’s social involvement also embraces the sponsorship of organizations and initiatives in the fields of science, culture, and sport.

Community Engagement

Library Project China

Sika wants to sustain local communities in order to help people to help themselves. Fields of activities are:

  • buildings and infrastructure for social and ecological projects or
  • education, preferably in connection with construction-related professions or
  • ecological water projects correlating indirectly with Sika's field of waterproofing activities


The main goals, among others, are to support communities in infrastructure development for social projects, to promote trainings in construction professions and trades, and to provide emergency aid to disaster-stricken regions.

Corporate Culture

Team Sika Portugal

Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity, Empowerment & Respect, and Manage for Results are the defining  elements of Sika's corporate culture. These values and principles serve as a compass for all Sika national subsidiaries around the world, and are applied by all employees. Thus the Group’s culture of trust, transparency, and openness has a firm global foundation that is lived out in practice.  


Sika Tanzania volunteering for a scholl project

Sika aims to vigorously support volunteering work in relation to social activities and personal development. Sika teams throughout the world discover the joy of giving, of learning new and valuable skills and of discovering new facets of themselves that otherwise may lay hidden and untapped.

Working Conditions

Sika Egypt – Team Concrete and Waterproofing

Sika strictly follows all laws and regulations which are applicable to its business. The company and all its employees follow the Sika Code of Conduct, no matter where they work and what their function is - even if it is stricter than applicable local laws.  Sika adheres to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and uses the GRI Standards. To integrate the views and interests of all stakeholders and to reinforce commitment, Sika has signed the UN Global Compact, and holds a World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) membership.

Managing Diversity

Sika Team New Zealand

Sika’s global presence and associated proximity to customers make it extremely important to integrate different cultures and share experience and know-how across national boundaries.The company firmly believes that the diversity experienced by employees on a daily basis is one of the factors in its success, especially at senior management level. At courses and seminars, Sika managers are encouraged to give high priority to diversity in team and project planning. Sika counts more than 49 nationalities among its senior managers.

Occupational Health and Safety

Sika employee

People are the most valuable asset we have, and their safety, health and well-being are essential to the success of our business. Regulatory standards, management commitment, employee involvement, work site and risk analysis, hazard recognition and resolution, training and education are key components of the Sika safety and health program.

Partnerships and Initiatives

Partnerships and Initiatives

Sika commits itself to genuinely sustainable added value along the entire value chain. The company is committed to aligning operations and strategies with the universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption established by the United Nations Global Compact Initiative.