Exterior walls and building facades face a huge amount of stressors and carry a big responsibility. They must keep out the rain, cold or heat, while insulating the building interior and keeping the occupants comfortable. Because of all these factors, facades are a primary focus area to design or renovate well in order to ensure building energy efficiency and long-term aesthetic beauty. ETICS systems by Sika ThermoCoat® are able to substantially reduce heating or air conditioning costs and improve the climate inside the building.

A properly insulated facade can save up to
of energy loss.
Buildings account for
of energy used in Europe.¹
Heating and cooling uses about
of annual energy consumption.¹
of building stock in Europe is energy inefficient!¹

¹Source: European Commission

Sika Has a Full Range of Solutions for Perfect Facades

Traditional Facade Renders / Mortar- Illustration
   Thermal Insulation applied on facade
  Application of renovation mortar on the wall
Facade Paints and Coatings Illustration

Traditional Facade Renders/Mortars

Typical Application of Facade Renders

Facade renders have three main functions:

  1. Substrate preparation and leveling  (covering
    the imperfections)
  2. Protection from climatic conditions (insulate, waterproof, etc.)
  3. Aesthetics  


Facade renders can be applied on concrete, masonry or wood facades in typical applications. The amount of layers may differ, depending on the chosen system, aesthetic requirements and market maturity level.

  • Thick layer – leveling and finishing, e.g. "monocouche" (through-colored mortar)
  • Thin layer – finishing, e.g. skim coating, acrylic renders

Thermal Insulation Facade Mortar Systems

Also known as exterior thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), insulated concrete formwork (ICF) or thermal insulation render (TIR), thermal insulation facade mortar systems have a different name around the world. However, one aspect is universal - one of the key factors to achieving energy efficiency in construction projects is the thermal insulation.

The improvement of thermal insulation of a building facade can lead to energy savings of 30 – 35% or more by decreasing the energy consumption needed for heating and cooling and consequently to a lower carbon footprint. An exterior thermal insulation composite system is extremely suitable for new construction and renovation of buildings. There is no need to undertake work in the interior nor oblige the occupants to move temporarily.

Key Advantages of Thermal Insulated Facade Systems
  • Suitable for new construction and renovation projects
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • More durable protection of the building from weathering and atmospheric pollutants
  • Reduce utility bills on average by 35%
  • Reduce a building’s carbon footprint and improve its energy efficiency rating
  • Keep a building warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Prevent internal condensation leading to mold
  • Reduce noise from outside
  • Can help to increase property value
Thermal Insulation Facade Mortar Systems Consists of Three Main Technologies

ETICS (exterior thermal insulation composite system) or EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) is a mineral or organic based exterior wall insulation composite system used to insulate and protect exterior facades.


ICF (insulated concrete formwork) is a construction method using EPS insulation as a permanent formwork, which acts as an insulated skin on the building. This skin needs to be finished with a decorative, protective layer, as done with ETICS/ EIFS.


TIR (thermal insulation render) is a breathable, strong, incombustible mineral insulation mortar containing lightweight and insulating fillers used to substitute foam or mineral wool insulation. It can be spray-applied, even in and onto hollow bricks, making a single-layer wall.

Components of the Sika® Thermal Insulation Mortar System (ETICS/ EIFS) for Facades

Sika ThermoCoat® is a full exterior thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), consisting of high quality products, carefully tested and compatible with each other.

  1. One-component cementitious adhesive
  2. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) or mineral wool insulation boards
  3. One-component cementitious mortar for leveling and embedding the fiberglass mesh reinforcement
  4. Pigmented organic primer
  5. Protective, decorative organic finish (e.g. acrylic, silicone, silicate)

Additional components:

  • Profiles and anchors to support and protect the installation of ETICS/ EIFS

Renovation Mortars

Construction workers applying renovation mortar on wall

Your home or building may be in need of facade renovation, especially if it is showing severe symptoms such as damp patches on the bottom of the facade, structural damage, bad musty smells inside or even mold and bugs. Old facade renders often erode due to freeze-thaw cycles over the years.

Sika offers an extensive product range of repair mortars, cleaning and protection solutions which are biodegradable and can combat efflorescence, salts, cement residues, green growth, graffiti and for hydrophobic impregnations or general purpose cleaning.

Sika also has a range of facade mortars especially suitable for historical, heritage building rehabilitation, based on lime.

Facade Paints and Coatings

Residential complex Mirador De Los Ocobos Armenia, Colombia

Sika offers a wide range of paints and finishing coats for your facade system. 

Decorative finish SikaMur® color paints are highly breathable, protective water-repellent coatings which come in an array of colors.

Organic protective and decorative Sika ThermoCoat® thin-layer renders can be applied to finish a thin or thick layer render system or on top of ETICS/ EIFS systems, and also come in an array of colors.

Typical Application Methods for Facade Renders

Traditional jobsite mixing
  • Traditional way of preparing mortars by mixing sand, cement and water on site
  • No control over the ratio of sand, cement and water being mixed – every mix is different, no consistency of quality
  • Transported to application area by wheelbarrow
  • No quality control on used materials – can contain inferior raw materials
  • Dust, cement, mud and dirt pollutes surrounding ground, streets and air, creating an unhealthy environment for the construction workers
Premix dry mix mortars with manual application
  • Every mix is equal with high quality consistency
  • Hand or continuous mixer application with basic automation
  • Increased efficiency by 200% compared to traditional jobsite mixing
Premix dry mix mortars with volume pump or spray application
  • Every mix is equal with high quality consistency
  • Continuous mixer and spray application with high level automation
  • Increased efficiency by 400% compared to traditional jobsite mixing
Premix dry mix mortars supplied in silo
  • Fully automated mixing of mortar and water – every mix is equal with high quality consistency
  • Spray application with high level automation
  • Increased efficiency by 600% compared to traditional jobsite mixing

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