Hygienic coatings for walls and ceilings have been specifically designed to meet both functional and aesthetic needs for facilities where the highest standards of hygiene are required. They are frequently used in areas where health and safety are of utmost importance, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing facilities.

Sikagard® Hygienic Wall Coatings for Hospitals, Medical Centers and Food and Beverage Production Bring Many Benefits

  • They are easy to clean, which saves you maintenance costs and time and ensures the area remains dust-free
  • They have all necessary hygiene certifications and approvals
  • They have minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), airborne molecular contaminants (AMC’s) or particle emissions for healthy indoor air
  • Their performance won’t be reduced by cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • Available in almost every color hue, ensuring pleasant and welcoming interior environments
  • Free from joints, seams and other features that provide a hiding place for dirt and bacteria
  • Organic in-film preservative provides resistance against bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast and algae

Our Sikagard® Solutions are Suitable for Varying Requirements

Refurbished operating theatre of the York Hospital in the UK
High Hygienic Requirements 
Sikagard® Hygienic Wall Coatings

Suitable for the following function areas:

  • Clinical areas
  • Emergency room (ER)
  • Operating room
  • Food and beverage production
Decorative Comfortfloor of a Lab
Medium Hygienic Requirements
Sikagard® Wallcoat N - Wall Coatings

Suitable for the following function areas:

  • Medical laboratory
  • Research room
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry area
  • Food and beverage production

Other Typical Use Areas for Sika Hygienic Wall Coatings

  • Hospital and healthcare facilities (according to Health Building Note: HBN: 00-10, HTM 56 and SHTM 56)
  • Food and beverage production
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Leisure facilities
  • Chemical and electronics industries
  • Agricultural and animal facilities
  • Nuclear and other energy industries
  • Prison and military facilities

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