Solutions for New Challenges

Sika’s long history of innovation has led to unparalleled success in becoming a recognized global technology leader in many markets, as well as creating value for Sika’s customers. While investing in established and new technology centers around the world, the company also nurtures and develops an international network of scientists, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Excellent Ideas and Know-how Need Protection

Innovation has a long-standing tradition within Sika, and 'courage for innovation' is one of the corporate values. Sika maintains exclusivity over its innovative products through the systematic registration of its intellectual property rights. By the end of 2018, Sika’s patent portfolio included more than 800 unique patent families with more than 3,400 single national patents.

Local Technology Centers
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Innovation Drives Success

Statement by Frank Höfflin, Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Sika Group Management

Innovations at Sika encompass much more than a new formulation. Packaging, 3-D-developments, real time communications add value too. Value added products based on higher performance and sustainability benefits - these are the drivers for Sika’s growth. Climate change and growing population require cleaner energy and better-functioning cities. These forces are driving the demand for intelligent construction materials and smart mobility systems to ease congestion.

Swiss Technology Award

Sika won the Swiss Technology Award 2019 in the “Innovation Leaders” category. The company received the award for its new, high-performance adhesive technology used in lightweight construction in the field of transportation. Sika was recognized by the jury for its innovative strength and was awarded the prize for its latest innovation: SikaForce® Powerflex, a new adhesive technology that combines the characteristics of elastic and high-strength structural adhesives in a single product. Two inventions in the field of structural bonding were combined: “Sika Powerflex” and “Curing by Design”.  

3 D Printing Turned into an Asset

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3D printing applied to the construction sector offers many advantages, whether in terms of cost, time or durability of materials. The actors  who have embarked on concrete additive manufacturing are more and more  numerous, convinced of the benefits that 3D technologies can bring. Sika uses 3D concrete printing to design structures more efficiently. It has developed its printing material and  its process, which is faster than other systems on the market today.   

Automotive Engineering Innovation Star Award

Sika received the Automotive Engineering Innovation Star Award 2019 for its innovative new SikaPower® SmartFlow body shop adhesive technology. The adhesive allows new bonding solutions. This means that push-in connectors, such as those found in electric vehicles or lightweight designs, can be reliably bonded. The same adhesive can also be used to bond structural parts over the entire surface, resulting in higher stiffness and strength. SikaPower® SmartFlow enables bonding within closed sections, for example bonding of profiles into castings being injected into the cavity. In comparison to other injectable adhesives, cavities do not need to be sealed before injecting the adhesive, since it only flows in the injected gap and seals the cavity itself.

SikaPOwer Solutions for lightweight design in the automotive industry.

More Sustainable, More Performance

Sika offers its customers a wide range of environmentally  friendly product technologies, including for energy-efficient construction and environmentally friendly vehicles. Moving forward, all new product developments will not only deliver better performance, but will also feature enhanced environmental benefits.