Video statement with Frank Höfflin, Chief Technology Officer, Sika Technology AG, and Member of the Sika Group Management.

Courage for Innovation

In R&D, Innovation is the process of developing solutions that create value. Only solutions which bring true benefits to customers help us to stay the clear market leader and to drive growth.

Innovations at Sika therefore encompass much more than a new formulation. Packaging, 3-D-developments, real time communications add value too. Value added products based on higher performance and sustainability benefits - these are the drivers for Sika’s growth.

What turns an innovation into a success?

Effectively scaling innovations helps us to reach more people to produce better outcomes in terms of performance and sustainability. All innovations share the same challenge: Each new solution must reflect the customers’ perspective. What problem does it solve, how will it help to overcome obstacles or to do jobs better?

Innovation is linked to operational efficiency too. Higher productivity rates and successful project outcomes are the result of a simplified supply-chain, optimized logistics, economic packaging, and a systematic approach to managing procurement projects.  

"Innovation at Sika aims to create value for customers and all stakeholders." Frank Höfflin, Chief Technology Officer, Sika Technology AG

What is influencing Sika Innovations?

All Business sectors have to optimize their productivity. One megatrend in construction is urbanization: Fast construction procedures have become a standard. Modular Building and exact time management are challenges. Sika solutions bring benefits in terms of performance and sustainability.

Climate change and growing population require cleaner energy and better-functioning cities. These forces are driving the demand for intelligent construction materials and smart mobility systems to ease congestion. One challenge is to bring digital intelligence to construction sites. Sika leads the way when it comes to 3D concrete printing technology. The Group has mastered all the process steps needed to print concrete on an industrial scale and the solution has been developed and trialed by Sika’s experts.

Sika is close to the customer. For Sika staff customer focus will always be a prerequisite for success. In Sika, almost all functions, also R&D, spend much time with the customer. At the job-site, in the office, wherever there is an opportunity for knowledge transfer.

Networking is the basis of a successful future: Sika is giving priority to teamwork, to expert teams, to collaboration with customers, scientists, partners, suppliers - at worldwide, regional and local level, each party contributing its expertise. This focus on networking means enhanced career opportunities for Sika employees as well.

Sika is building trust – for all its stakeholders.

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