Urban construction requires high-strength concrete and reinforcement solution for demanding projects like highrise buildings or infrastructure projects where the concrete has to withstand high pressures. In recent years, Sika has expanded its presence in the fast-growing concrete reinforcing fiber market, with several acquisitions and investments in new production lines.

Conventional Concrete vs. Fiber-reinforced Concrete

Sika's Fiber Investments 2013-2018





Acquisition of Radmix, the leading supplier of structural fibers for the Australian mining industry

Acquisition of FRC Industries in the USA FRC offers a full line of quality synthetic fibers.

In Germany, Sika opens the 1st production line in Europe. The new fiber type SikaFiber® Force-60 isready for rollout

New production line in Peru for synthetic fibers in preparation to cover demand in Latin America

Concrete Reinforcing Fibers Key Facts