Products offered in Marine and leisure combine long open time, high gap filling capacities, composite bonding capacities and thixotropy for an easier process.

Sika Solutions for Interior Sealing

Ideal products Sikaflex®-591 and Sikaflex®-291i

With its high resistance to the marine environment, the Sikaflex®-591, a Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) technology, can be used as a sealant in a wide range of applications. Among its many advantages can be its overpaintability, great compatibility with different substrates and its resistance in joints subjected to vibration.

In polyurethane technology, the Sikaflex®-291i can be used in a large number of interior applications and is optimized for elastic joints and high vibration areas. In addition, it highlights its resistance to seawater and hydrolysis making it the ideal sealant for the interior of ships.

Interior of a yacht showing sealant applications

Best Recommended Products for Interior Sealing

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