Composite, long life, lightweight, durable, liquid applied resin system that offers excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. While the Sikafloor® Marine looks great it also is resistant to the most common oils, greases, juices, salts and solvents.

External Decorative Floors for Synthetic Teak with Great Aesthetic Finish

Sikafloor® Marine Products for Decorative Synthetic Teak

The new PU resins Sikafloor® Marine-570 and Sikafloor® Marine-590 give the possibility to choose from 15 colors for teak imitation floors with a great aesthetic finish. In addition, they can be combined with black, grey or white caulking. They are lightweight resins, low maintenance, with good environmental resistance and offer good grip both dry and wet. Available with IMO certificate. Its application can be liquid or prefabricated and the versatility of these resins allows any type of designs or shapes to be created according to the needs of the customer.

Sikafloor Marine application for decorative floors, synthetic teak

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