Sikafloor® Marine floating floor systems consist of a mineral wool layer on which either a non-combustible compound or steel or alu plates are applied. These build-ups give maximum sound reduction and provide high degree of comfort for the crew onboard the vessel.

Floating Floors for the Shipbuilding Industry

Floating Floors for the Shipbuilding Industry

Sikafloor® Marine Floating Floors

Sika Floating Floors with Sound Insulation and Fire Protection

To achieve the highest degree of comfort, sound insulation and fire protection, Sika's floating floors are the best solution. Available in a large number of combinations, you can reach up to a reduction of 61 dB with some of them, making these systems unique in the market.

They are based on a combination of mineral wool with a marine mortar or a viscoelastic material. A large number of floating floor systems have the IMO category of A-60.

Application on a marine deck of a Sikafloor Marine product

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